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ISBN#: 978-1-921347-66-5
September 18, 2008
Dark Castle Lords Publications
348 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Princess Tarabenthia is spoilt and selfish, until the day her country is invaded. Attacked, scarred and given to slavers, Tia finds herself with some of the high born girls of her land on a ship to Omani to be sold as a slave. Being Scarred she would not be used as a bed slave so the kind captain makes arrangements for her to be sent to the country. When the slaver beats her and burns the soles of her feet, the famous general Sergius Magistri rescues her.

General Sergius Magistri has a reputation of cruelty and gives no quarter in battle. Away from battle, he is a kind and gentle master. When he rescues Tia he quickly falls in love and works against his own troubled government to guarantee being sent to Tia’s war torn country. With the help of his family, his men and the ship’s captain who brought Tia to Omani, Sergius manages to get his troops, Tia, their son and 15 rescued high born girls back to Alcini.

Sergius and his men, together with the few survivors of the first attack, join forces to rid the land of the Tumagis who had invaded it. They moved slowly north, first attacking then rebuilding homes and planting crops for the future. When they eventually made it to the kings castle Sergius wants a blood debt answering, he intends to avenge the attack on Tia. Alcini is finally free from its attackers and now is the time for them to rebuild. But how will they live without aid from the now struggling Omani.

Ms Newman has written a thrilling tale of love and battle. This is a whole world planned and laid out. I could draw a map from the descriptions of the lands and countries. During the sea voyage to Omani I could all but smell the salt on the air. I could easily believe that this happened, that the countries and people where real. The people are strong and vibrant with secondary characters adding more credibility to the story. I do not feel that I can do justice to such a wonderfully complex world in only four paragraphs, but I can say I am now eagerly awaiting the next book in this amazing series.

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