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ISBN# (10): 0-06-144369-5 / (13): 978-0-06-144369-5
November 6, 2007
Avon A (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$13.95 U.S./$17.50 Canada
352 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Jane Austen does not wish to be uprooted from the home where she was born and has lived. After tragedy strikes her father, it appears her life will never be the same again.

Frederick Ashford is heir to a title and a vast estate. Even though he may be rich in property, he feels Jane is rich in family.

Jane knows that many do not understand why she can write of love and courtship when she had never really experienced it, yet there was a man that inspired her to write of such love and devotion. A man she met that was one true, great love in her life. It came after Jane's mother informed her that her father was retiring as rector of the parish and they were moving. It was Jane's home where she was born and lived, thoughts of leaving were troubling. Her parents feel with the move, that Jane and her sister, Cassandra might find suitable gentleman to marry, of which after four years later, proved fruitless. After the move, her father becomes ill then dies, leaving the three women in a bad financial situation. At least brothers, James, Henry and Frank offer some monies to help keep them out of the poorhouse. Younger brother Charles was in the Royal Navy and would not be able to assist. Jane feels they will never be able to call their lives their own anymore. Frederick Ashford has much wealth. Jane finds him amiable, and handsome, and enjoys the strolls she takes with him. She wonders why someone of his stature has never married and he informs perhaps he is particular in his choice. Mr. Ashford seeks Jane's company. As time moves along, it is with great pleasure that he wishes Jane to see all the sights of London with him as her guide.

The Lost Memories of Jane Austen is such a rich enchanting tale it almost leaves the reader breathless. I love the way the elegance of the voice carries the reader immediately into this page-turner. Just as Jane recalls growing up, in her home, to remembering every tree gives the author sight into her life, and even the smells and sounds all around her. Everything is so vivid, so alive, and wonderfully depicted. This is such an extraordinary tale that it comes highly recommended by this reader. I urge everyone to read this outstanding romantic tale of Jane Austen. Syrie James compiles a great masterpiece with the memories of Jane Austen. Frederick is absolutely amazing. Each page is stunning and captures the heart with every turn.

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