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ISBN#: unavailable
April 1, 2009
The Wild Rose Press
105 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Discipline, patience, and precision are key factors if you want to stay alive as a sniper for the Marine Corp, and Brock Manyon is an expert in all three. However, after being ambushed and gunned down in the jungles of Brazil, Brock is finding it harder and harder to reclaim those qualities.

To the public eye Dr. Treva Reed is an Ancient Cultures’ expert, and a master of martial arts, but to her pack she is an Enforcer. Keeping hundreds of years of Lupine existence secret from the human world is no easy task, and enforcing Lupine laws can be a deadly business.

Despite doctors’ predictions Brock is making a remarkable recovery, so extraordinary in fact that his recovery is raising serious questions, and he is determined to find some answers. His dreams since the mission have been vivid, erotic, and disturbing, featuring a stunningly beautiful woman, but figuring out what happened to himself and his partner is his only priority. Instantaneous recognition occurs when Brock finally confronts Treva, and an ingrained need to possess her pervades his senses.

The pages in this story fairly crackle with the frenzied need to unleash the beast within. Brock is a man on the edge, and the reader can actually feel his pain and frustration as he searches for answers not only about himself but his partner as well. I certainly hope this is the beginning of a series, because many things are hinted at that I would love to see further explored. This story is thoroughly engaging, and seriously sensual, and I am anxious to read everything Rae Monet has available.

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