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ISBN #1-933563-99-0
January 2008
Siren Publishing
277 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Tyler Blackthorn runs a security business, as well as a very successful husband-for-hire operation. He is also genetically enhanced which has proved to very useful in his line of business. He might not be alive today without it.

Veronica Moorehouse is a loner. She left home seven years ago, and the only thing she regrets is not taking her sister with her. The skills she learned on the streets may be illegal, but will definitely come in handy when dealing with their retched father.

Veronica must convince Tyler to marry her sister. He is the only chance Valentina has to be with the man she truly loves. Tyler’s husband-for-hire business is exactly what Veronica is looking for, and unfortunately so is Tyler. He is tall, dark, and supremely sexy. She is swept away by his unconventional attitude toward women, and his interest in her is definitely reciprocated. He is everything she could want in a man, and when she finds herself in need of a husband, he is her first choice. Her life depends on his cooperation, but he has every right to refuse. Tyler knows that Veronica is keeping some major secrets about her life. What he does not know is the extent to which those secrets involve him.

This is a futuristic story with the unique twist. Women are no longer equal citizens and have once again been placed in a subservient role. Veronica and Tyler’s characters are exceptions to rule as they live by their own standards. While sexual heat between these two is scorching and very well written, the plot itself seems to take a backseat. This story has some great bones it just needs a little fleshing out.

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