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ISBN# 978-0-06-117308-0
February 20, 2007
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sunny Weston has always had trouble managing her weight. When she finally loses the extra pounds, she is surprised to learn there are many things that diets do not tell a person once the person has slimmed down. Now she wonders just where this new image of her really fits into the world.

Cagney B. James has no women on his staff. It is not because he does not like women, he just only has staffed men. Even his agency only looks for male clients who are in search of the wife or girlfriend cheating on them. After a run-in with Sunny, he finds new hope.

In her younger years, Sunny thought it was love that made the world go around but now she knows it is sex. She will never understand the mind of a man when it comes to looks or how society treats the gender of both people. Yet the world seems to paint a whole different persona between appearances. Her friend, Lisa is someone she can speak to frankly about diet, weight and sex. She is a good friend who always lends an ear whenever Sunny needs to share conversation. As office manager for the Feel Good Company that specializes in vitamin, minerals and the like, she has the opportunity of meeting Adrian and starting a brief relationship with him after he is hired at the company. Then things turn sour and that relationship more or less pans out differently. When Sunny has the pleasure of meeting Cagney, it is by accident when they both are in the process of saving a child being kidnapped. She gets to learn much from Cagney, and at first suspects he might be gay or has been hurt in a rotten apple relationship since he behaves differently toward women. As she and Cagney learn more about the other, they grow in their own love and feelings in a way they never knew. Throughout all her conquests, Sunny finally realizes that a person’s weight has no bearing on their defining characteristics, while discovering the great sensation that really infuses life is love.

The Perfect Fit is a most enjoyable read. I was very impressed with Sunny and how she feels that once weight has dropped off that everything is supposed to be sunny and rosy afterwards, but there really is no silver lining later. There are still other obstacles that people are often confronted with in their everyday life. Louise Kean tells a great story that kept this reader turning the pages. The characters of Sunny and Cagney are so very real in all their actions that I could not help but be touched by their expressions. Ms. Kean delivers a remarkable read that gives much thought and should not be missed by anyone.

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