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ISBN: 9781921347641
September 2008
DCL Publications
63 Pages
Paranormal fantasy historical romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Katrin must marry to keep the peace within her land, the Kingdom of Anslem. Located in Germany in the year 493 BCE, the Hun dynasty has been wreaking havoc throughout the kingdom, destroying women and children in their path.

Alois cannot and will not stand by as his best friend and secret love walks to her death. For it is known that once the princess births his child, the Hun will kill her to possess the throne of Anslem.

As Katrin is led to the Hun war camp, Alois is secretly gathering a force to destroy the evil Huns. With aid in some unexpected places, he goes forth on his quest to kill and conquer the Kingdom of Anslem’s enemy. However, how can one man conquer an entire evil empire when he has never touched a sword and the most skilled warriors have been cut down?

Ms. Lacy has written a short story filled with magic, fantasy, and romance. The Prophecy: The Solstice Conception has a fairytale quality about it with a good-versus-evil feel and love-conquers-all storyline. At times, this story had me confused as to what was going on, almost like I had to read a previous book to understand some of the characters. One of the reasons I do like this story is it starts off with a prophecy before we even meet our characters. This will grab readers into the tale and lead them to conclude their own ending even before it happens.

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