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ISBN# 9780980073393
June 2008
Light Sword Publishing
PO Box 851556
Westland, MI 48185
Trade Paperback
334 Pages
Historical fiction/romantic elements
Rating: 4 Cups

Katherine Stuart has worked hard at saving the remains of her home and raising her late sister’s children. As much as she loathes her brother-in-law, Thomas Kerrigan, she is keeping the home for her nephew. When the boy finds an injured Yankee in the woods, they heal him, but soon must run for their lives.

Rip McKenna still blames himself for the death of his brother and barely survived West Point where Kerrigan tried to kill him. Injured during fighting at The Wilderness, he is grateful for the care he receives from Katherine. When she leaves mysteriously, he knows he will never forget her.

With Kerrigan threatening her, Katherine flees with the children, always thinking of Rip, now a moody drunk. Rip wants to be the man Katherine needs, but will he be able to stay together as she faces a new threat from Kerrigan?

The Wilderness Road is a tear jerker extraordinaire with wonderful characters and a good plot. As a long time lover of the actual wilderness, I appreciate Ms Vernon’s attention to detail that aids in enhancing the story, with dialogue that is time appropriate, including the use of the N word. The villain is slimy and all the other supporting characters blend in while letting Rip and Katherine shine. There is nothing sexually explicit in the book, but it is very tender. How everyone got to Cheyenne was a bit convenient but does nothing to stop me from whole heartedly recommending this keeper of a story.

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