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ISBN#(13) 978-1-896944-76-0 (10) 1-896944-76-0
October 15 2007
Dragon Moon Press
PO Box 64312, Calgary, AB, Canada
eBook / Paperback
$8.95 / $19.95
352 Pages
Science Fiction / Fantasy (Time Travel/Shape-shifter/Historical Fiction)
Rating: 4 Cups

Jacynda (Cynda) Lassiter is a Senior Time Rover, working for TEM Enterprises. Charged with keeping history on track, Rovers lead a transient lifestyle. Just a Visitor, Never a Participant. Virtual Evil begins with Cynda witnessing a historically impossible crime, a crime not only undetected by all the normal warning mechanisms but also apparently committed by the greatest of all time travelers, Harter Defoe.

Jonathon (Jon) Keats is a Detective Sergeant at Scotland Yard. He is also a Transitive, a shape-shifter, who uses his ability to aid him in his job. As the result of a head injury, Jon is unable to shift for the first time in his life, forcing him to come to terms with how much his success depends on this ability.

Although she believes Defoe to be innocent, guilty of a Transitive ruse, Cynda nevertheless has to track him down, if only to determine what is happening to the time stream. Jon is working on finding explosives stolen by Irish anarchists who plan to blow up a famous British landmark. Racing against time and dealing with opposing factions from the past and the future, Cynda and Jon struggle to not only solve these mysteries but also just to stay alive. Assassins, time lag hallucinations, and a mysterious Transitive known only as the Ascendant are just a few of the perils they face.

Although Virtual Evil is the second of four books, the author fills in the background quickly, allowing the reader to get right into the book. The story is engaging, the characters solidly fleshed out, and the many details are flawless. A particularly interesting storyline involves the development of forensic pathology as a criminal science. The author handles the many genres woven into this book with such deftness that you hardly notice them, allowing the reader to focus on the story and the characters. My only complaint involves the ending. Although the book contains a very full and rich story, it ends with a cliffhanger. If you plan to read Virtual Evil, you should plan to read the entire series, not that this is a bad thing. On the contrary, if the rest of the series is this well written it might well be a very good thing.

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