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ISBN# (10): 0-06-117043-7/ (13): 978-0-06-117043-0
August 28, 2007
AVON (HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
$5.99 U.S./$7.99 Canada
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Sebastian Galbraith, Viscount Ravenswood, has vowed never to marry. After being around Henrietta, her bewitching charm could possibly change his mind.

Henrietta Ashby has a penchant for disorder and wavering over any decision. Her father is a Baron and she is the youngest of a brood of children. She finds rogues are sensual and dashing, one in particular.

Henrietta’s father is having his annual masquerade ball. She realizes spinster-hood is fast falling in her lap and since she is the last to wed, she sets her sights on one man. Henry will go to any length to catch the eye of the man she has loved from afar. Just the sound of his voice makes her heart thump. His name is Sebastian, yet when the other men at the ball gaze upon her, he is the only one that never looks at her with admiration. Sebastian wonders why others do not discipline Henrietta over some of her wild antics. Even her father allows her to do what she wishes. Sebastian finds her a bit of a hellion, yet a pretty one. He notices she has no sense of fashion and shows too much bosom. Then he gets to know her a bit differently, and after her seductive charm, he willingly glides into her open arms. Henrietta has never really drawn temptation his way until something happens that causes the inevitable. With all her charisma and seduction she can only hope it will be enough to become his wife. Sebastian cannot believe he allows himself to be taken in by innocence and doubts he can ever find it in his heart to forgive what he has done.

Too Scandalous to Wed is a passionate rare read that captures the heart while permitting the romance to sprinkle straight to the reader. Sebastian and Henrietta coerce a lovely tale vibrantly wicked in its own way. I admired Henrietta for her sassiness. Often she comes across a bit head-strong but inside is a lady quite amorous. The way Ms. Benedict builds up the love between Sebastian and Henrietta is absolutely wonderful. What begins as a low flame, in no time intensifies to pure romance for the couple. Her beautiful depiction of the story is cleverly detailed so the reader does not get lost in any transition with the time period. The colorful secondary characters add great seasoning throughout. A fresh voice, a lovely well-written tale makes this a luscious read by far.

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