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ISBN# (10): 1-4201-0100-5/ (13): 978-1-4201-0100-3
October 2007
Zebra Debut (Kensington)
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
299 Pages
Western Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rachel Catherine Hudson lives with her younger brother, Nathan. During a blizzard a wounded man lands on her doorstep. He needs help but a man staying in her cabin could cause gossip.

Jake McCain is accustomed to the rough life, any place his horse Griffin will carry him. Not one for a family life, he may have to change his mind after Rachel saves his life.

During a bad storm, Rachel finds an injured man on her porch, and with the help of her brother, Nathan, brings him inside to safety. Unless they get the man out of his wet clothes and warm, he will die. Jake is a Texas Ranger who is trying to locate some cattle rustlers. He awakes not knowing of his whereabouts. Rachel informs he is in Lucinda, Texas. The lovely blonde woman strikes a slight fancy inside him. After he gets well, he brings them firewood and food for saving his life. He has to get out and start tracking the murdering cattle rustlers. When this is over, he intends on turning in his badge. Hiram Miller runs the bank in town. It is rumored that he wishes to wed Rachel but after hearing that Jake spent time under her roof, things change. Rachel assures nothing was improper in his stay; she was only doing a kindness to strangers. Jake does not like the way Hiram behaves toward Rachel. It appears that some gossipers believe Rachel is just no good. Rachel tries to ignore the harsh words while the fluttering sensations she feels for Jake increase each day. If Rachel and Jake can bury the past ghosts, perhaps they can find that certain gold nugget that will bring them all the happiness that Texas can offer.

Touch of Texas is a riveting read that held me fascinated. Tracy Garrett definitely knows her history in this rich tale. Rachel and Jake are such an adorable couple; I instantly fell in love with them. I love the addition of her brother, Nathan, too, who will do anything to protect his sister. The splendid dialogue and sensual passionate is awesome. I could feel the love stirring in the pages. And the suspense, as Jake goes after the criminals, is so heart-pounding. The secondary characters add just the right elements to keep the storyline moving. Ms. Garrett delights the reader with some twists and turns and an undeniable attraction that entices.

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