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ISBN: 978-1-921347-18-4
May 4, 2008
DCL Publications
$ unavailable
247 Pages
Contemporary / Sensual Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Margot DeVilliers is the young widow of a famous feature article writer. She has always lived a very privileged and sheltered life. Her father home schooled her, and soon after his death she married. Her husband’s job took him all over the world, so she spent much of her time with her very strict and elderly aunt Jane.

Reynard W. Forsythe is a renowned author. Living a life of solitude suits him well, especially after the debacle of his affair with Jenna. Her treachery and manipulations left him cold, and determined that love was a fantasy he had no wish to indulge in.

Margot is left with little when her husband is killed. His lack of responsibility meant that there was no insurance money to fall back on, so Margot is desperately looking for work. Her aunt lives in a cottage community that just accepted a new tenant, Mr. Forsythe. Margot is quite taken with him, and wants very much to work with him. At first Rey is reticent about hiring Margot, but with a bit of subterfuge, she becomes his typist. They are immediately taken with each other, but when Rey’s past comes knocking, he must take some extreme measures. Rey convinces Margot to marry him, so that he may keep her safe from Jenna’s viscous attacks. Their marriage is tested with regularity, not only by Rey’s past, but also by Aunt Jane.

Sensuality and romance are at the very core of this story. Margot and Rey’s characters are lovingly portrayed, and make for a perfect couple. However, I did not feel that the dialogue or mannerisms of the characters fit a contemporary storyline. This has a much more turn of the century English feel, not current day Florida. Ms. Hofman is a very gifted writer, with a real flair for love and romance.

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