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ISBN # E-Book 978-1-60202-072-6 / Trade Paperback 978-1-60202-073-3
October 2007
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
E-book/Trade Paperback
160 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

What You Wish For

Emily Chase is the head curator for the Egyptian department at a museum. She is very enthusiastic about anything ancient Egyptian, so much so she has named her cat Sekhmet.

Brenda Chase is an exotic dancer and Emily’s sister. She is far more flamboyant than Emily.

Ankh-Kheperu is a mummified ancient Egyptian prince. He is brought back to life by a recording of Emily’s voice saying his name over a nearly six year period.

Norman Hillyard is Emily’s co-worker and another curator. He and Emily have been friends for years.

Ankh-Kheperu is brought back to life by Emily’s recorded voice. Then Emily notices the mummy has a pulse. She and Norman remove Ankh-Kheperu from his glass case and take him to a workroom. There Emily uses a technique from an Egyptian Book of the Dead and brings him back to the land of the living. She takes him to her home. When her sister comes on the scene she does the unthinkable. Emily must decide what it is she really wants from life. In addition, what kind of man she wants in her life.

This was an interesting and enjoyable story. However, I was a little disappointed in both the prince’s and the sister’s behavior. It took the enjoyment level down a tad for me. I was pleased with the overall outcome though, and that there was a happily ever after for everyone.

Love 101

Becca Hellenga is a professor of Art History at a community college. She loves Greek art in particular. While she makes it a point to never get involved with a student, she is hard pressed not to when a handsome detective takes her class.

Tony Saals is a detective and student in Becca’s class. He takes Becca’s class to help him with cracking some art thefts from a local museum. He is the same age as Becca and likes very much what he sees when he looks at her.

When Tony has to drop Becca’s class because of work, she hopes it means that she and Tony might get together. Tony finally makes his move, making Becca very happy. However, one afternoon when she sees Tony speaking to another teacher, a rival of hers, she begins to wonder just what Tony is up to. Will she discover he is also seeing the other teacher, or is Tony the man of her dreams as she hopes?

This was my favorite story in this trilogy, and I actually learned something about Greek art too which was very nice. I liked Becca and Tony very much and by the end of the story they felt like old friends. This story is realistic and well thought out.

Through a Glass Brightly

Angela Woods has been fascinated by anything classical her entire life. When a chance to go to Italy and teach English pops up, she jumps on it. In no time at all she finds herself living in Ercolano, Italy with Herculaneum, another city destroyed by Vesuvius as her back-yard.

Valerius Tullius Valens is a Roman surgeon and a ghost. He died two thousand years ago. He cares about Angela and tries to help her when he can.

Gabriel Massimo is an archeologist working with ancient Roman scrolls that were carbonized when Vesuvius blew two thousand years before. He likes Angela very much.

Angela cuts her finger and Valerius begins communicating with her. Though she finds it strange she can see him and they can communicate via her head, she eventually gets used to it. Gabriel and Angela date which leads to their making love. However, Angela finds that Valerius wants in on the action too and she finds herself being made love to by both men. Then something terrible happens just when Angela thinks she is getting what she truly wants. Will she discover that what she actually gets is the best thing of all?

An enjoyable story with a little ménage added that I found quite fun. Angela is quirky and I liked her personality. I did kind of feel like there was just sexual chemistry between her and Gabriel though rather than any real emotion. I was happier with her relationship with Valerius as I felt he was a better fit for her.

Overall this was an enjoyable trilogy. The love making scenes were well written and well orchestrated for the most part. I would have liked a little more fleshing out of the last story, but other than that I felt Ms. Shults did a fine job and I will be looking for more from this author.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books/ Reviewed by Regina/Edited by Liadan



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