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ISBN# (10)0-373-26614-6 / (13)978-0-373-26614-2
October 2007
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
$5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
250 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Signora Hillary Wright is a forty-seven-year-old widow who does well for herself. She agrees to water the neighbor’s plants while they are away but had no idea when she entered the Proctor’s yard, she would discover a dead body in the swimming pool. Now it appears she maybe a suspect in a murder investigation.

Dottor Ruggero Di Girolamo is from German and Italian descent but he prides himself on his excellent English. When a murder takes place, he becomes the magistrate in charge of the case. He never expected on meeting a charming woman that would practically melt his heart.

Hillary had no idea when she woke, she would be in the center of a murder investigation. She was only there to water the Proctors plants. The dead body turned out to be Ettore Fagiola, who just happened to be the Proctors real estate agent. Hillary is a bit uncomfortable after seeing the dead man lying in the pool. It could be just an accident but police are questioning those that came in contact with Ettore. Hillary gave her written statement to the police, but after the funeral, they called her in again. Ruggero needs her fingerprints, explaining it is standard procedure, for all who have frequented the Proctors home. Ruggero must look into all the possibilities of Ettore’s death, especially when a hint of blackmail touches the case. As the case pulls Ruggero and Hilary toward each other, she begins to feel that being with Ruggero could be the missing piece that has been missing in her life, as she helps him to solve the puzzle of Ettore’s death.

Tuscan Termination is a fast moving story with interesting characters. I loved Hillary and Ruggero. The way their romance blossomed was breathtaking. It was good reading about a widow, in her later years that finds some adventure and passion in her life. Ruggero is a strong man that heats the pages like brewing coffee that never gets cold. The twist and turns, in the investigation of Ettore’s death, are cleverly constructed and the plot fantastic. The extra characters blend in some mishap along the way, as the reader joins the cast to find the murderer. Margaret Moore spins a great mystery, with a touch of romance, and all the right elements entwined to make this a splendid read.

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