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ISBN#: 9780981737263
June 2008
Dreamspinner Press
4760 Preston Road, Suite 244-149, Frisco, Texas 75034
130 Pages
M/M Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Maen was once a Gold Warrior, one of the highest offices a man can hold in the female-dominated society that he was born and raised in. Reduced to little more than a servant to his queen, and branded a traitor by many after returning from being captured and tortured by the Exiles, as well as being certain the man he loves is lost to him forever, Maen feels he has little to live for.

Dax was once a Bronze Warrior, but now is one of the Exiles. He is also the man Maen loves and has lost. He is bitter over what he sees as Maen’s betrayal by choosing his queen over him.

When Maen’s queen asks him to find one of her sisters who has escaped to the Exiles in order to avoid being executed, he has no idea what he is really getting himself into. Still numb from the loss of his lover, he has no desire to be a spy for his queen, but like the good soldier he is he obeys her, as he does when she requests he find a scribe to write the glorious history of her rise to power. It is in his search for the perfect scribe to write the book that he meets Kiel, a young Remainder masquerading as a scribe. Liking the young man’s spunk, he befriends him and in so doing discovers where the queen’s sister is hiding. Though in the past he would never consider betraying his queen, he begins to doubt what he has been taught all his life when Kiel shows him what is in their ancient books about the colonization of their planet. This doubt leads Maen on a journey that returns him to Dax, but will he be strong enough to grasp his dream with both hands or will Dax slip through his fingers?

Twisted Brand is a wonderfully complex read. The world building is beyond extraordinary, and so richly detailed that the reader feels as though she is right there interacting with the characters. Maen’s very real anguish over the loss of Dax is so palpable that it fairly jumps from the pages. This is one of those books where the secondary characters play almost as big of a role as the main characters do and give this book a very firm foundation from which to tell the story. The love between Maen and Dax is so real that the reader can do nothing but pine for such a great love for themselves. While there are definitely some very erotic love scenes they are very emotion filled and loving, adding even more to the realism of the story as it unfolds. I cannot say enough good things about this book, so if you enjoy intensely romantic, as well as erotic books, then you simply cannot miss this one!

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