ISBN#: 1-932866-74-4
January 2005
Triskelion Publishing
66 Pages

Unholy Vows is a charming ‘story within a story,’ with an engaging hero and heroine,
which keeps readers interested from the very beginning.  The storyline of the internal
book, “The Monk,” is directly linked to Unholy Vows. Both of the plots are wonderful.  

Unholy Vows’ heroine, Jennifer, is a storeowner and writer, who has just produced her
first romance, “The Monk.”  Letting her close friends and former siblings-in-law, Shana
and Shawn, read her latest novel during a visit, Jennifer’s true feelings for Shawn are
revealed.  Jennifer has loved Shawn for a long time, but never expressed it.  

Shawn wondered how to hide his long-term desire for Jennifer while visiting, and his
sister, Shana, is determined to help the pair finally get together.

“The Monk” is a great romance on its own.  It's the story of a widow whom many believe
killed her demented husband.  The dead man’s brother, Simon, also believes she is
guilty, but he still has fantasies of his former sister-in-law.  “The Monk” is a very well
written and interesting mystery, with some unique sexuality.

All the characters in Unholy Vows were realistic with marvelous emotional responses,
and it was easy to empathize with them.  The background information complimented
both stories, and again, it was great to read a ‘story within a story’ that works as well as
Unholy Vows.  This book should have no problem generating sequels, due to the well-
developed characters. Finally, the sex in Unholy Vows is hot, more than exciting, and
works great.    

Everything about these two stories work together to make Unholy Vows a definite

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance