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ISBN# 978-1-906811-11-2
September 2008
Total E-Bound
E Book
48 Pages
Historical Romance/Western
Rating: 4 Cups

Maddy Haynes has her hands full as sheriff of Plains Junction, Missouri, keeping the town free of outlaws and desperadoes. When an old friend arrives,a wanted man, she orders him to leave, but her heart says no.

Jeb McIntyre is the most wanted man on the list of fugitives, as well as the hottest on Maddy’s list. He is acquainted with the men who would rather shoot than mess with her. Now that he has arrived, he wants to protect her.

Outlaws and criminals have no business entering the small town of Plains Junction, not with Maddy as sheriff. Jeb riding into town was unexpected. Unless he gets out of town, Maddy will lock him in jail. Jeb is curious how she became sheriff. She may be tough as nails, but in bed she is sweet as nectar. Maddy refuses to be manipulated. She will shoot if necessary. He knows deep down she has never brushed him out of her heart. Maddy has a duty to the town to lock away all outlaws, but her heart eagerly wishes to get between the sheets with Jeb again. Her only concern is trying to make love to him without getting caught.

Interesting characters make this a fast-moving read. The reader is immediately pulled into the town of Plains Junction and the people. There is a good amount of chemistry and sparks between Maddy and Jeb that sizzle hotter than bacon in a skillet. Wanted is full of sensual pleasures as Jeb does everything in his power to capture Maddy’s body and feisty spirit. Ms. Lynn blends some secondary players that give the town that western feel. She permits emotions to skyrocket with a handsome man like Jeb and a vivacious woman sheriff like Maddy.

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