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ISBN# 9781596327511
December 16, 2008
Loose Id
216 Pages
Vampire Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Nicodemus is a vampire killer, a skilled fighter. He often carries his sidekick lizard, Cho, on his shoulders, and communicates with him quite well.

Fiona Meadows is good at karate, but finding the right man has always not been easy. After she enrolls in an online dating service, she finds herself among vampires.

Ivan is not only a control freak but is considered the Punisher, the Master, the Power, the Giver and the Taker.

Ivan and his pet, David, arrive at the Toga party to retrieve some virgins. David makes sure to grab hold of Fiona. When Fiona wakes, she is in a room naked with three other naked girls, among vampires. Grabbing a sword, she destroys as many as possible, just as Nic arrives to help. Nic is more than smitten with Fiona. As the fighting continues, Ivan is able to get away and takes Annie, another vampire, with him. There will be vengeance to pay. As Nic and Fiona form an alliance, will they survive the battle ahead of them, or will Ivan and Annie be victorious?

Warriors at Heart is an interesting read. I enjoyed all the characters and found each fascinating in its own way. Fiona definitely has attitude. Cho, the lizard, is something else. I enjoyed the way he and Nic corresponded with each other. I love the part where Nic hates when Cho is always right. With diverse characters, bringing their own characteristics into play, Lynn Lorenz produces some appealing vampires along with two great players who know how to swing a sword when times get heated. Her writing is fresh and absorbs the reader. I did enjoy the premise of the storyline very much, but would have delighted in it even if all the additional sexual activities had not come into play.

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