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ISBN# Unavailable
July 2007
Forbidden Publications
52 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Leslie Maple is a werebeaver, and desperate to escape the bond she might find with a mate. No matter how much pressure her family puts on her to go on a search for him. She has been living with Michael, a human, but she can no longer ignore her instincts.

Sebastian Belvedere is one in a set of male werebeaver twins. He meets Leslie for the first time when she comes to Canada to stay with his Aunt and Uncle, so she can begin looking for her mate. He feels something for her right away.

Castor Belvedere is Sebastian’s twin brother and the more quiet and sedate of the two. He also feels a tie to Leslie.

Leslie is drawn to Sebastian immediately and the instinct to bond is very strong. However, she also feels a bond with Castor. Confused Leslie does her best to try to sort it all out. But she is terrified of mating because of something someone from her past said to her. When the answer becomes clear, Leslie needs time to think and goes for a run, nearly destroying her chances to keep the love she has found.

Three of Hearts is a well-written story about one of my favorite animals, the beaver. Leslie is heartwarming as the young woman who is trying to figure out what love really is. The twins have strong personalities, but they are a compliment to Leslie’s more nervous one. I would like to see more of these characters and would be interested in reading more about the werebeaver universe. If you enjoy shifter stories then this is one you will want to check out.

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