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ISBN#: (10)0425224937 / (13)9780425224939
December 2, 2008
Berkeley Trade (Imprint of Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
304 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Samantha Margaret Fine is awakened by her father’s first mate, Joe, when pirates attack The Destiny. At seventeen, fearful and frantic to locate her mother, father, and younger sister, all she sees is a nightmare of bloodshed that still haunts her five years later.

Captain Luke Bradley is about to hang, until he receives a visit from a beautiful lady. She claims a Sam Steele is in need of his assistance in finding the ship, Dervish. Once they have it in their possession, Luke can have the ship and his freedom.

Five years have passed, but Sam has not forgotten the bloody event that changed her life. She seeks revenge on those who killed her family. The Royal Navy wants Luke dead, but Sam breaks him out of prison. He is surprised to learn there is no Sam Steele; rather, Samantha has changed her name, not allowing anyone to know she is the one looking for the Dervish. Once they are aboard her ship, Revenge, she is the captain, and Luke will obey her orders, and run the bilge pumps. Luke has his own reasons for finding the Dervish as they begin their mission. When they learn someone else is seeking revenge on Sam, Luke tries everything in his power to save the woman with whom he has fallen in love, even though she will never trust a pirate…or will she?

What A Pirate Desires is swashbuckling good fun. Luke is a pirate that any woman could easily be attracted to. He has charisma and warmth that just oozes. Lovable and compassionate, his interaction with Sam is awesome. I love how he does whatever he can to help break through the walls and barriers Sam placing in her heart. Both characters are wonderful in the way they take chances, with Sam being almost like a swashbuckling pirate herself. With crisp dialogue and romance that sizzles, Michelle Beattie spins an interesting pirate tale that this reader found satisfying. I love how she allows the reader to share in the pain that has blanketed Sam over the years, making her a beautiful heroine in this tantalizing must-read. She creates a high sea adventure that this reader could feel.

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