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ISBN# 1554107938
May 2007
Extasy Books
E book
357 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Casmin has a destiny to fulfill. Being the youngest son, there is nothing left for him to inherit so he becomes a soldier for the goddess Zenthe. He is awed by the power he feels and by his love of the high priestess Adita. But as a soldier, he knows he can never have her.

Adita is lonely and looking for a consort. Yet each time she has tried to find one, it ends in tragedy. She takes an instant liking to Casmin when he comes to the temple and they become fast friends. She would love nothing more than to take him as a lover but that cannot be.

Casmin serves the goddess and Adita for many years. He survives the resulting destruction of the temple after the last candidate failed. With the followers of Kahmudj rising up around the country, he embarks on a journey ordered by Adita. He is one of the few to escape and return. But when the army comes knocking at their door, will he follow the will of the goddess and claim the woman he has loved or will he lose her forever?

Amazing! This book was a wonder to read. The vivid imagery Ms. Caperton describes, held me in awe. I felt as though I was right there in the story with the characters. Ms. Caperton produces a beautiful picture of a world headed for destruction, but still maintaining all of the wonder. This is a refreshing read and one unlike any I have read before. I loved the will power of Adita and the loyalty of Casmin. Each of these characters were truly a joy to read. Ms. Caperton is definitely an author on the rise and I will be reading more of her work.

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