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ISSN#: 15555496
May 2009
Midnight Showcase Fiction
109 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups


Owletta was abandoned at birth for she was neither male nor strong. Due to the outcast of Owletta, the faery kingdom began to decline, and Prince Hawke needs her to save it.

Prince Hawke is at a loss as to how he can save his kingdom. Somehow he knows that Owletta is the answer to his prayers and the savior of his people.

There are some in the kingdom who need to cover up a conspiracy that began many years ago, and they will do anything to leave it in the past. Owletta and Hawke must untangle the web of lies and prevent the impending disaster.

Owletta is a sweet story about love at first site and how true love can conquer all. I think Hawke is a true prince and a hero.


Princess Alconia has been spoiled her whole life, and as a consequence, she was a very unpleasant faery. After a most unforgiving lie she told, Owletta’s brother Richard is banished from faery land for all time.

Richard is unable to forget the luscious and beautiful Princess Alconia despite her viperous tongue. Due to her lie and his subsequent banishment, Richard may lose the one opportunity to save his mother from death.

Alconia is in serious danger and the only man who can save her is the one man who has little reason to help her. Richard needs to get back to the Faery Kingdom, and Alconia is the one who will take him there. Together they must help each other with what they need and maybe find a love to last a lifetime along the way.

Princess Alconia is no character to inspire a reader to root for her or hope for her happiness. Richard, on the other hand, is a strong enough character to make up for her lack of kindness. Eventually I started rooting for both.

Ellen Margaret is a talented writer. The visuals that she builds with words enable the reader to feel like they are actually part of the story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Owletta and Alconia and will keep my eye out for the story of cousin Eben. I recommend this sweet love story as a must read.

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