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ISBN# (13): 978-1-59578-582-4
September 2009
Liquid Silver Books
175 Pages
Historic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Catherine Johnson decides to leave New York and move to Nebraska. After the death of her dear fiancé, the school teacher believes teaching in a small town will help her get over the sadness flowing in her heart.

Jim Kinney is a deaf mute who works at the livery stable, as well as sweeps floors at the saloon. Since the death of his mother, he tries to take what jobs that will be less difficult with his handicap. Then he met Catherine and something in his heart began to blossom.

Catherine was minding her own business, in town, when she happened to see some drunken thugs beating up on poor Jim. Immediately she rushes to his rescue. After the terrible beating, Catherine checks on Jim making sure he is all right. The doctor assures he will mend well. Catherine offers to teach Jim to read and do sign. Jim agrees but never realized Catherine would leave such an impact on his heart. He dreams of having a good job then coming home to sweet Catherine waiting for him. Will Jim’s dreams become realties, as he and Catherine grow closer each day, or will his handicap cause him to keep his love hid in his heart?

I have to say I adored A Hearing Heart. Catherine and Jim are sweet enduring characters showing a great deal of compassion and love. They have a way of using direct eye-contact that permitted this reader to visualize their many actions. The secondary characters were awesome, coming into play well. Bonnie Dee fashions a poignant story that moved this reader beyond words. She shows how two people, who are thrown up against many obstacles, can find the one thing in life, most important, to overcome any hurdle that compasses their life in this extraordinary read.

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