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The Masquerade Club Series

Book 1 - A Reputation of Notoriety
Book 2 - A Marriage of Notoriety

The Masquerade Club Book 2
ISBN: 9780373297702
January 1, 2014
Harlequin Historical
$ 6.50 US/$7.25 CAN
283 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Xavier Champion is much more than a handsome face. He has been a good friend, son, and soldier. He is now helping a friend at the newest gaming club making sure all runs smoothly. One of the attractions there is the new pianiste, a women whose identity behind the mask he knows. They once shared a friendship as children.

Phillipa Westleigh has taken to sneaking out nights to play the pianoforte at The Masquerade Club, hiding her scars behind the mask and letting the music sooth her soul. Even though it is only for a short period of time, she is glad to have this adventure away from the burden of her family and unsightly facial scars.

Concerned for her safety, Xavier escorts Phillipa to and from the club, but soon they are discovered which leads to dishonorable circumstances and marriage being Xavier's only chance to fully protect her. Phillipa does not believe that someone as handsome as Xavier can love someone as flawed as her.

Oh what a tortured, yet strong-willed soul Phillipa is; the perfect match for the "golden boy" Xavier. The trust they had as children morphs into trust in adulthood. They not only found a friend, but a soulmate. I loved the way Phillipa blossomed under the music's spell. We all need a passion in life and this couple both found theirs. Great mystery and a few quirky side characters thrown in the mix will make for an enjoyable read.

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