Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 978160820715/9781608207152
August 2012
MLR Press, LLC
217/301 Pages
BDSM Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Antonio has left a scar on Donald “Bear” Drummond he will not soon forget. Thankfully, it is his pride rather than his heart that really takes the beating.

Living in a hotel and barely having enough food to survive is the only way Brian Murphy can afford to care for his ailing mother. His own personal feelings and needs are of little consequence compared to his duty as a son.

The search for his boy ends the day Bear first sets eyes on Brian. A young man this beautiful and perfect has Bear barely able to contain his desires, until disaster strikes. Brian has so much baggage he cannot fathom how a man like Bear could want anything to do with him. Bear is an extremely powerful man with some very dangerous enemies, who would love nothing more than to destroy the very thing he holds so dear.

Brian’s survival instinct is so well developed he can suppress even the most horrid of events in his life. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to imagine how quickly a young man with this kind of upbringing could reach a point of no return. I really like how Bear takes charge without overstepping Brian. His terms may seem harsh and terribly rigid, yet the reader can tell everything he does is for a better relationship with Brian.

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