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ISBN#: 9781590885315-Paperback/9781590884979-Trade Paperback
September 2010
Crimson Moth
Paperback/Trade Paperback
$7.50-Paperback/$10.95-Trade Paperback
225 Pages
Dark Erotica, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Sapphire was relieved and excited to follow the rock star, Blade, when her divorce was final and he came back for her. She has always seen men as animals, and she told Blade from the start that she was no groupie and she would only let him have her body when his heart was involved. She never expected that it would be another who would give her his body, soul and heart; the gorgeous Shook.

Blade is intrigued by Sapphire and her resistance to his desires. Undercover of the gorgeous man is the heart of a predator, used to getting his way. Blade will do whatever it takes to ensure he gets everything he wants. But waiting in the wings is Shook who wants Sapphire more and is willing to go beyond whatever it takes to ensure that Sapphire’s future resides with him.

Sapphire’s past will come back to haunt her in the form of a letter from her youth and an abusive ex-husband who is unable to let go. Sapphire and Shook are shocked to find out that their love is part of a prophecy handed down since the 18th century. But can fate overcome the out of control rage of a spurned spoiled rock star?

Animal Sin is an amazing mix of past and present. Sapphire has more going on than anyone knows, which is amazing when Shook makes the decision to love her despite it all. I loved the mystery of attempting to figure out if and how Sapphire comes out happy in the end. The best part is reading until the very end to discover if there is a happily ever after, because in this story, the definition of the term changes several times.

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