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ISBN# 978-1-4524-3636-4
August 2010
Bekki Lynn
27 pages
Historical/Fairytale/slightly erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Lillian Ann Basford is in complete shock and disbelief. How could her father throw her out of his house like that with no care to how she will survive?

Samuel Wadkins was traveling along a road when he comes across a girl he cannot resist. He knows he cannot resist her, and he makes love to her there alongside the road.

Lillian manages to find a job as a servant with a respected family. She knows she loves Samuel but cannot see anything every working out between them. He comes from a respected family, and she is now nothing more than a servant. But neither she nor Samuel can keep the other from their minds, will their love be strong enough to overcome all of their obstacles?

This is a sweet erotic tale of love and hope. If you believe in fairytales and happily ever after, this is the story for you. It takes a well known tale, puts a new spin on it, and gives it enough steamy romance to make it an adult love story. Bekki Lynn knows how to write erotic fairytales that will have you wishing for your very own prince.

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