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ISBN# (10): 1-934912-22-0 /(13): 978-1-934912-22-5
December 2009
Black Lyon Publishing
E-Book/Trade Paperback
176 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Ulianna Maslova is eager to make a friend and ally of one of Oregon’s largest ranchers. More than anything she wishes to speak to him concerning the wolf migrating to Oregon.

Jackson Holt has worked hard to get his ranch property and livestock. He is aware of the attacks on the livestock and how much of the blame is being passed onto the wolf.

Uli believes if she can talk to Jackson, she might be able to see what is actually attacking their livestock. The article could help her become a success. Then again, the controversial subject could cause difficulty within the town. When Uli meets Jackso, she is eager to get to the truth about the wolf. Jackson considers Uli somewhat of an environmentalist. Yet, he admires her spunk and foreign accent, something Ulianna has tried hard to lose since her parents brought her over from Russia. Jackson has no idea Uli would grow on him. She never expected to receive such electric shocks that hit all the way to her toes. But once he discovers she is a phony, will their relationship even get a jump start?

A Place to Land is a thoroughly enchanting story. It has a mixture of romance, intrigue and wonderful characterization for the story to flow at a good pace. I loved the robust characters of Uli and Jackson, as well as the premise of the storyline. It was interesting watching Uli trying to develop her own style when coming to America. Mary Vine spins a story that is beautifully told, wonderfully composed and keeps the reader turning the pages. I love how she tells the story of the wolves. The reader gets a great visual view of the landscape, the wolves and the true beauty in this magnificent read.

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