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ISBN# (10):1432724274/(13): 978-1432724276
June 2009
Outskirts Press, Inc
10940 S. Parker Rd – 515 Parker, CO 80134
221 Pages
Romance Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Kitty Johanssen has been married to Clem for thirty-five years as she embarks on a cruise to honor this blessed event. To bad her beloved pushes her into the arms of a handsome Englishman.

Clem Johanssen knew Kitty was expecting a romantic dream vacation. After losing his wallet, his mood with the cruise is quickly divided.

Kitty was certain the trip from New York to Montreal would indeed be a lovely anniversary trip for her and Clem. Instead, her dream vacation is the opposite. When Clem seems to be pushing her further away, she becomes acquainted with Toby Knight, who is not only an enigma but handsome. Clem knew once he easily gave up his wallet to the tricksters to take his cash, his weak side would appear. He does not wish for Kitty to see his flaws. As Kitty meets Toby, he holds charm and elegance, something she has not seen in Clem. Kitty feels her inner ambitions burning to get out of her as she grows closer to Toby. Will she give into her desires or try to meet Clem halfway and work through their problems?

I found As He Needs Me an inspirational type read as after thirty-five years Kitty and Clem are faced with a few predicaments in their life. They face human confrontations as temptations, self-esteem, and weaknesses. I thought Clem should step up a bit and take charge in his life, especially after showing his flaws. From there the reader sees a different side of Clem who appears to be sulking a bit, not paying much attention to Kitty. Kitty shows another side to her that I thought was possibly hidden, inside her heart, when she desires another man. It made me question if their love was really a commitment after all the years together. Mary Verdick incorporates a read that lends much thought.

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