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ISBN: 1449997961
June 2010
Self Published
281 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Mark Horton has just moved onto the ranch that was owned by his deceased uncle. Promising not to sell it, he has begun making a life for himself.

Izobelle Montgomery knows that her father Russell is controlling to the point of near suffocation. Whenever a man has looked at her with interest, he has been quick to crush any budding romance.

Mark is intrigued with Izobelle from the first moment he meets her. Both find themselves unable to deny the lust and love blooming between them. However, Russell prides himself on making the best decisions for his daughter and he is not sure that Mark is the best man to handle his daughter. Can Izobelle and Mark continue on their road to love or will Russell find some way to stop them and destroy their budding love forever?

A Spirited Heart is a book that has some good moments as well as some rockier ones. Early on Russell is described as being manipulative and a schemer, however, later he seemed to have a complete attitude adjustment without an explanation and without any real reasoning. Izobelle is shown as naïve, which tells of her sheltered life due to a controlling father. Mark’s characteristic was almost to the point of neediness, a trait I found to be quite annoying. While I did not find this to be a spectacular story, Ms. Castrillon did a great job of describing a family divided by many different conflicts which gave me a better understanding of this tale.

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