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ISBN# (10): 978-1-60174-079-4/(13): 978-1-60174-079-3
October 2009
Uncial Press
329 pages
Contemporary Women's Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Annie Ogilvie cannot find Calvin when the twenty-month-old is left outside to play with the other youngsters. When family tell her not to worry, her worries soon turn to heartbreak.

Clay Knight avoids a hit and run with Annie when she almost falls asleep behind the wheel and crash into him. He wonders what has her so disoriented as he offers his help.

After a year, Annie blames herself after finding her child drowned in the fish pond and she is tired of her family’s scolding. Now summoned to a family reunion, she has no idea how she is going to be around family who continue to tell her to stop brooding. Annie does not want to forget the death of her son. When Clay stops her from an accident, she is thankful, more so when she finds him fly fishing along Henry’s Ford. The tranquility of the area allows some solace. After fifteen years in banking, Clay seeks some other forms of investment. As Clay teaches Annie about fly fishing, she feels comfort in the little things. Can they discover what they are missing in life and find love with each other?

I found this a tight-knit family read. Even though I did not like the way some of the family members were treating Annie, I thought the premise of the story, was customary within some households, especially after a loss. Annie shows all the signs of a realistic character in her actions. I like the way she and Clay connect. A Strange Little Band has a way of allowing the reader to recall events that may have happened in their own life. Judith B. Glad tells a story that one can relate in many ways. She creates a story that will be hard to forget for this reader.

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