Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781615727964
November 2012
Eternal Press
216 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Rebecca is happily married with two young daughters. Her husband is gone most of the time for his job, and she occupies her time with friends, her daughters, and her website design business. She has everything she wants or so she thinks.

Callie is an author who writes both children’s books and lesbian erotic romance. After a series of events including an especially bad break up with an abusive girlfriend, Callie decides to move into the house her Aunt left her in Autumn Leaves. She hopes the peace and quiet of small town life will help her get more writing done.

When Rebecca first sees Callie moving into the house across the street she is curious about her new neighbor, and like any good hostess she takes a housewarming gift to the younger woman. Callie is of course delighted and not a little bit attracted to the older straight woman. However, she knows they can be nothing more than friends. But as these two women get to know each other, including Callie spilling the beans about what she writes and about the fact that she is attracted to women, Rebecca finds her curiosity stoked even more. Reading one of Callie’s lesbian romances begins to have her questioning herself and her sexuality. She finds herself more and more dissatisfied with her marriage and her life. One thing leads to another and the inevitable happens when the two women act on their feelings. Will Rebecca be able to reconcile who she is becoming with who she was? Will her small town accept the changes in her relationships? Or will her stepping outside the boundaries of what many consider acceptable behavior bring about horrors neither woman anticipated?

First let me say that I tried really hard to like this book. The more I read though the harder it became. Not because the book is not well written, because it is superbly written. Ms. Winkes does a fantastic job of getting her point across as far as educating those who may not be familiar with the legal aspects of being in a GLBT relationship, and what can happen if a person chooses to be in such a relationship. The kinds of experiences the couple in such a relationship can experience at the hands of others who do not understand, I mean. From that perspective I could easily give this book a 4 cup rating. Ms. Winkes did a great job on that. However, I had a really hard time with a couple of things in the story, the first being the infidelity, and how it came about. Now just to be clear I would have had a problem with that regardless who was being unfaithful to who and with who. I also felt that the way Rebecca goes from being happy housewife and mother to questioning her sexuality, and falling in love with the woman who moves in across the street was a little too contrived for my taste. Her transformation just did not ring true for me. Also, some of the characters just did not seem real to me as well, such as David her husband for example. I had a hard time understanding his personality or feeling his emotions at least until it became clear that Rebecca was leaving him and why. In some ways he seemed like an after thought to the story. These things unfortunately brought the rating down a bit. If you enjoy a lot of drama with your romance, and reading about small town life then you might enjoy this book.

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