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Dreamcather Series:

Book 1: Danny in the Dark
Book 2: Ben in the Shadows
Book 3: Jacob at the Break of Dawn

Dreamcatcher, Book 2
ISBN: 161034894X
September 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc.
160 Pages
GLBT; Paranormal Erotica; Imprint: Everlasting Classic ManLove
Rating: 5 Cups

From the moment he was found wandering around by Dr. Pierson, Ben’s life was changed forever. For ten years, he was poked and prodded and tortured beyond his wildest dreams.

Jasper gave up on fate and hope when his parents were found unconscious ten years ago. As his parents continued in their coma state, Jasper continued on a road of self-destruction and self-loathing that spiraled out of control.

Even though Dr. Pierson gave him no reason to hope for help, Ben has continued to wait for some hero to rescue him from his horrible captivity. When Jasper shows up, like some knight in shining armor from one of the television shows he has watched, Ben knows his life will once again be changed forever. But before Jasper and Ben can get the happy ever after, they will have to deal with the issues between them as well as how Ben’s life is intertwined with Jasper’s unconscious parents.

What an unbelievably fantastic novel Ben in the Shadows turned out to be! I loved how emotionally contrasting the main characters were. Ms. Ginsberg gives us Ben, who wears his emotions on his sleeve while Jasper holds everything inside to the point of bursting. Their overall existence is a yin-yang of emotional pitfalls and superb actions that overwhelm all of your senses as you read about their struggle to have a “normal” and healthy relationship. This is not some pretty tale that is wrapped up and tied with a cute bow; instead it is rough, edgy, and with enough calluses that the story will grip you with enough force to leave a mark. I cannot wait to see what is next for this outstanding series!

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