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ISBN: 9781935348313
April 2009
Amira Press
121 Pages
Contemporary Interracial Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

As the Sheriff of Appling County, Randy Stroud does not have a lot of time to find babysitters for his three-year-old son. While his mother has been watching Wade, he knows she tires more easily now that she is getting older. Hearing about a great day care center that just opened up, Randy heads over to see about getting his son enrolled.

Kristen Smith left Baxley to go to college and get her degree in education. While there, her heart was broken by her longtime boyfriend, Randy Stroud. For no reason at all, he suddenly broke up with her, and she has not heard from him since.

When Randy walks into the daycare center and sees Kristen, he is shocked to say the least, but he remembers how great they were together. Now he is ready to get back into a relationship with Kristen, but she is scared that he will hurt her again. Kristen wants to trust Randy again, but he left her and the reason he did so is still a thought in the forefront of her mind. Add his son, a child who could have been theirs but is another woman’s, and she is hesitant to give her past love a second chance; even when the thought of better late than never flits through her mind and has her second guessing what she should do.

Ms. Morris writes a heartbreaking tale of love, life, and effects from past decisions that still hurt years later. Parts of the story were great, and I was riveted to the storyline. However, there are other parts that were very choppy and some of the scenes jumped so far away from what was on the previous page, I got lost. I like the realism of the problems between both Randy and Kristen and how they struggle to overcome their difficulties. If you like the writing style of Danielle Steel, then you will like Better Late than Never.

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