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ISBN#: 978-1-77111-750-0
December 1, 2013
Extasy Books
134 pages
Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Shape-Shifter
Rating: 2 Cups

Beth is a human woman with a safe, boring life and job. One night her co-worker leaves her alone for a few minutes and the Black Ghost bursts into her normally staid life demanding she help with an injury. Each time she meets up with him, along with having an almost overpowering lust for him, her life changes drastically and she has to run, from the people after him … maybe even him too. She starts a life that is far from normal, including having to change identities, work odd jobs ranging from office worker to bartender at a bar in Mexico, to working as a performer in a traveling circus. She cannot run forever, but if and when she decides to stop, will it be too late?

Noble is a powerful, alpha shifter on the run from his pack’s enemies. One night he needs help with his wounds and breaks into a veterinarian clinic in the search for medical supplies. There he finds his supplies and gets help in the form of Beth, not knowing that meeting her is just the beginning of a new obsession for him. He is on the run and focused on protecting his kind from the many who are after them, including a rich foreign hunter who is in search of immortality. He feels bad for involving Beth and upending her life, but he cannot seem to help himself, especially after he bites her, marking her. Can he catch up to her in time and keep her safe?

Beth finds herself bartending in Mexico, where trouble seems to follow. That trouble, in the shape of the arrival of two shifters, has her feeling the need to go. One shifter tells her that she is safe from them, that Noble is seriously hurt, and he needs her to go to him. Plans are made to transport the injured Noble back to the U.S. using a traveling circus for a disguise. Once they make it over the border Beth overhears something that makes her feel that she is in danger again … this time from Noble so she bolts. Eventually a mysterious and shadowy agency finds her at the same time as Noble … the question is who will get to her first?

The story seemed to be all over the place in terms of what was happening or going to happen, things were introduced which made me think the story was going one way, but I thought wrong. They were resolved “out of screen” or in the next few pages … or were simply abandoned. Some descriptions and details for the people and places were too much at times, overshadowing the main story—like the extensive research and set-up for each of Beth’s moves. She was a rather inconsistent character, at times she seemed very smart, and at other times she was painfully naïve about things. I did not feel the urgency and danger that Beth felt and I am thinking Beth didn’t know either once she was in Noble’s presence. There was more “telling” of what emotions there were rather than “showing.”

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