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ISBN #978-1-926950-44-0
April 2011
Evernight Publishing
311 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Eve has a complicated job. She is a vampire slayer and also mediates disputes between paranormals. It is an unusual job for a human, but she is not entirely human.

Vincent is the leader of the vampires in Centennial City. He is over two hundred years old. He is tall, handsome, and has hair in an unusual shade of red. He is extremely powerful for a vampire his age.

There is a war brewing in Centennial City between the vampires and the new leader of the weres. Normally, the last job Eve would take would be that of the vampires’representative, but she has just lost her job and her reputation in the city when she arrested the mayor’s vampire son, and having the vampires on her side might just be the only way she survives. She normally distrusts and dislikes the undead, but her new employer Vincent and his closest followers are not like any blood suckers she has ever met before.

Ms. Jameson has created a dark and dangerous world where humans and the paranormal exist together uneasily, but peacefully for the most part. Eve is the best sort of urban fantasy heroine; she is tough but empathetic and she has some secrets that the enemy must not find out about. Vincent is a strong alpha hero and his friends and subordinates are vivid and memorable. The villain is easily the most evil and demented that I have encountered this year and the plot is suspenseful and exciting. This book is very hard to put down.

Readers should be aware that there is a great deal of violence and gore in the story, and an off-scene rape of one of the secondary characters.

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