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The New York Blades Series

Book 1: Body Check
Book 2: Fair Play
Book 3: Total Rush
Book 4: The Penalty Box
Book 5: Hot Ticket
Book 6: Chasing Stanley
Book 7: Just a Taste
Book 8: Power Play
Book 9: Double the Heat
Book 10: Icebreaker
Book 11: Breakaway

Wild Hart Saga

Book 1: Double the Pleasure
Book 2: With a Twist
Book 3: Straight Up
Book 4: Icebreaker

New York Blades Series, Book 11
ISBN: 978-0-425-24368-8
February 7, 2012
Berkley Sensation
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
320 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The worst pain Erin O’Brien ever felt in her life was also the catalyst she needed to make a change. She is no longer the quiet unassuming pushover she was as a girl, but a woman ready and willing to make her own destiny.

Getting drafted into the NHL and going to New York is what Rory Brady worked long and hard for, but when he left Ireland, he burned a lot of bridges. There are not enough words to describe what an absolute jerk he was, and the one he hurt most was the love of his life.

Getting her degree in art history and getting out of Ballycraig is the ultimate goal for Erin, but then Rory Brady comes waltzing back in town. Her heart squeezes with pain just thinking of how he left without a backward glance, and yet it is just not in her to hate him. Rory loves Erin with all of his heart, and always has, but he let his ambition crush everything they had. It is time to face the music and show Erin and everyone else that he is a changed man, but forgiveness may be as elusive as Ireland’s sunshine.

Who does not love a sexy Irish brogue, and when it is done this well, you can almost feel the lilting cadence caress your ears. It is also great to see a man who is strong enough to grovel, and a woman not hell bent on making him pay for all eternity. I really love the down to earth characters, and how they banter, flirt, and fight just like you would find in any small town around the world. Toss in a few lively friends, and this story will enchant you from start to finish.

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