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ISBN# 1-59431-771-2
August 2009
Write Words, Inc
154 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Todd Whitlow grew up in an orphanage in Chicago, then joined the Navy when he turned eighteen. Now he is the new rookie at the sheriff’s department.

Cyndia Simmons is ready to find the one guy to sweep her off her feet. She desires the romance and all the extra trimmings, but does not want it to be any man in uniform.

When Todd left the Midwest he never looked back. California was a great place for him to settle since he hated the snow and cold. After the day is over, he heads out for a beer, only to find the woman of his dreams. One gaze at Cyndia, and she is like a magnet pulling him into her arms. After friend, Alice, invites Cyndia to a friend’s birthday party, Cyndia is surprised to make an acquaintance with a handsome man. They share a dance that is most heavenly; Todd’s hold dynamite, their conversation magnificent, then the bombshell drops that he is in law enforcement and the dream splatters. With so many danger signs against Todd, and Cyndia, as they fight their strong attraction, can they open their hearts and find that happy medium?

Call Sign: Love is a pleasant read. The characters are lively, and robust, in this page-turner that I found a hit. I love Cyndia and Todd, their chemistry explodes through the pages. Their dialogue is sharp and draws the reader more into the storyline. I like the premise of the plot and the way Carlene Rae Dater draws in-depth players, giving them strong emotions and a background of events that permit the reader to feel for the circumstances befalling Cyndia and Todd. She has penned a humdinger of a book that will stay with me, especially every time I see a law enforcement officer.

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