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The Dark Crescent Sisterhood Series

Book 1: Bound by Shadow
Book 2: Bound by Flame
Book 3: Bound by Light
Book 4: Captive Spirit
Book 5: Captive Soul
Book 6: Captive Heart

The Dark Crescent Sisterhood, Book 5
ISBN: 9780345513908-Paperback/ 9780345516794-eBook
December 2010
Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, Inc.
Print/ eBook
$7.99-USA/ $8.99-CAN
472 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Camille Fitzgerald is a fire Sybil. Unfortunately, she is unlike other fire Sybils and is unable to call fire to her as other Sybils do.

John Cole has been a spirit hanging around in his best friend’s head until the day Camille set him free and he ended up in the body of Strada, Camille’s enemy. Now he is trying to keep an eye on Camille even though she is out to kill him.

Things are heating up in Manhattan as Camille tries to track down the body which contains the soul of John. But as she gets closer to fighting with her enemy, Camille finds she is unable to destroy the being as it is not the same monster as what it was when it contained Strada’s spirit. John fights daily with the evil entity’s soul as it tries to take over the body he is in. When push comes to shove, can John figure out a way to become free of Strada’s soul without dying himself?

The fantasy world of the Sisterhood is bold, hip, passionate, and thrilling as told through the voice of Anna Windsor. I thought the tangled weave of the different cliques formed throughout the Sybil communities was interesting to read about. The way Camille is shown in the prologue as this girl who is more or less shunned makes us understand her more as the woman she has become. John is this man who is so strong as he fights, not only for his freedom, but for the woman he loves as well as the safety of those around him. Yet at the same time, we see him as a man willing to show his emotions and support Camille instead of shove her behind him when there is danger. Captive Soul is a novel that really compliments the series and paranormal books of its ilk.

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