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Joe Grey Mysteries
Book 1 - Cat on the Edge
Book 2 - Cat Under Fire
Book 3 - Cat Raise the Dead
Book 4 - Cat in the Dark
Book 5 - Cat to the Dogs
Book 6 - Cat Spitting Mad
Book 7 - Cat on the Money (Published in Cats Magazine and
Book 8 - Cat Laughing Last
Book 9 - Cat Seeing Double
Book 10 - Cat Fear No Evil
Book 11 - Cat Cross Their Graves
Book 12 - Cat Breaking Free
Book 13 - Cat Pay the Devil
Book 14 - Cat Deck the Halls
Book 15 - Cat Playing Cupid
Book 16 - Cat Striking Back
Book 17 - Cat Coming Home

A Joe Grey Mystery
ISBN# 9780061806933
Harper Collins Publishers
October 26,2010
Print. Hardcover
368 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Joe Grey is an everyday feline with an appreciation for the simple things in life. He likes napping in a warm patch of sunlight and his needs have been met with an occasional pat and food in his belly. The thing that really sets him apart is that he is a cat who can talk … and uses that gift to sleuth through cases that would otherwise go unsolved in his hometown.

A series of break-ins are discrediting the police department. Women are not being raped, but when they are robbed, they are tied up and abused, so there is a delay in the response time for the cops. With the kitties on the case, it is only a matter of time before the real villain is revealed.

All three cats on one case should make this one a since for Joe and his furry friends. Maudy moved to the island and a car almost hits her. She is packing a gun. There is more to her than meets the eye. The furry detectives have to find out what secrets she is hiding and work to help the police solve this latest case.

A feline fantasy, this story is entertaining and fresh. First seeming a bit cheesy, this story becomes full-bodied and is actually very good, with all the elements of traditional mystery. The tale is both plausible and fun. Although everything is neatly tied up at the close of the story, we are left with the feeling there is more to come, with Kit the Kitten becoming restless and hungry for a new adventure.

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