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A Wolfen Heritage
Book 1 - Discovering Her Wolfen Heritage
Book 2 - Denying His Wolfen Heritage
Book 3 - Changing their Wolfen Heritage

A Wolfen Heritage Book 3
ISBN #: 1-60601-978-3
November 2010
259 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Menage
Rating: 4 Cups

Kitania was born in a laboratory and rescued when she was ten. After that she was raised in a Council orphanage. She now works for the Council in the hopes that she can get revenge on the men who harmed her.

Ethan is one of two younger brothers of the Alpha. He is handsome, light hearted and fun.

Latan is the youngest brother of the Alpha. He is more intense and serious, but no less attractive than Ethan. He hates cats.

Wolf shifters do not share well, particularly their mates. Ethan and Latan have been sharing their women for years though, so it is no surprise to those who know them that they are both attracted to the beautiful new schoolteacher. Kitania is not just a schoolteacher; she is undercover for the Council. Her assignment is to capture a scientist notorious for torturing shifters, Kitania and the Alpha’s wife Maddie among his victims. Kitania has many secrets, like the form she takes when she shifts. She is reluctant to trust anyone, even her newly found mates.

The author does a great job of combining erotic romance, the paranormal, and suspense in one very enjoyable story. Ethan and Latan are very different for all that they are brothers and they complement each other well. Kitania is a unique kind of shifter; half wolf and half mystery. Much of the fun of the story is trying to figure out what she shifted into and being surprised at the answer. The love scenes in the book are exciting and tender and Kitania’s story will pull at your heartstrings. The subplot of Mali and Melissa’s romance could really be expanded to a full length book, but fits in with the main plot well. Fans of werewolf romance are really going to enjoy this one.

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