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ISBN# (10): 1-4201-0277-X (13): 978-1-4201-0277-2
August 2009
Zebra (Kensington Publishing Corporation)
119 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018
484 pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Detective Regan Elizabeth Pescoli works with the Pinewood County Sheriff’s Department. She is upset because her loser of an ex-husband wants to take her children away. After having her tire shot out, she finds herself being chased by a killer.

Nate Santana is still wondering why he left California to live in Montana. Then again, he accepted the job from his good friend along with a place to stay. When his sweet lady is MIA, he worries.

Nate and Regan have no strings in their relationship, but that does not keep him from worrying when she does not show up for work. All he can think about is the Star-Crossed Killer who is still at large. When Regan’s partner, Detective Selena Alvarez, pays a visit to Nate to find out if he knows where Regan could be, Nate smells trouble. It was bad enough Regan was obsessed with trying to locate the Star-Crossed Killer, but what if he has her in his clutches. Regan cannot believe she is at the hands of a maniac. She refuses to be a victim of this killer. Can she find a way to escape or will the others find her before it is too late?

Lisa Jackson has once again taken this reader on an adrenalin ride. Chosen to Die is a sensational story that is a complete mastermind of events spilling from every page. The serial killer is not only evil but plays his part well. He is painted so real it was as if he had leaped off the pages. I love the character of Nate as he worries about Regan, and how he takes action to locate her with his own plans, if necessary. I could feel the trepidation that surrounds Regan as her concern is for her children while the killer holds her to his advantage. She is tough to the end and the suspenseful storyline was enough to keep this reader biting her nails.

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