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ISBN# 9780765359643
4th August 2009
Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
384 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating 5 Cups

Tony Giodone may not work for the mafia anymore, but he still does the same sort of job. Only he now answers to the Sazi council. As a newly changed Sazi wolf, he has the potential to be very powerful but does not yet have the power to control his changes. At least he now knows who he is when he changes.

As Tony’s wife and mate, Sue has a doorway from her mind to his. But that seems to be causing problems. It appears she is allergic to his magic, and it is killing her quickly. She has found a ritual that may help, but slipping into a coma stops her telling anyone about it.

Tony has another problem. After nearly being killed in the jungle and hiding in an ancient cave, it seems he has developed a mind bond with the Snake king. It is a bond they have no control over and is stronger than his mating bond with Sue. If that did not make life complicated enough, someone from his past is trying to kill him and his old boss has been beaten to near death and wants Tony to ‘make it right’

Ms Adams and Ms Clamp have given us an action-packed complex story that has a number of twisting storylines that never get confusing or mixed up. Their story is bright, colorful and full of descriptions that paint such a vivid picture I could see the snakes in the jungle. Tony is so full of confidence in his own abilities he pushes the boundaries of being shallow, but he is equally aware of his own failures and makes an almost perfect agent. Ahmad is old, very old and has no time or patience for the new wolf until he realizes that sometimes even the most powerful need help.

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