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ISBN#: 9780451233271/9781101507049
July 2011
New American Library, a division of Penguin Group USA, Inc.
Paperback/E Book
416 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Epiphany Jones has been bounced around all of her life. Now she is sixteen and living in Dallas with her mother and new stepfather. Bullied at school for being of mixed race, Epie is looking for a way out.

J. Norman Alvord lost his wife, Annalee, four months ago. His daughter, Deborah, is determined to put him in a nursing home, since he has a bad heart.

Deborah enlists the help of Epiphany to take care of J. Norman. Epie is to come in two days a week to cook meals and generally watch over J. Norman. Epie is not pleased by having to care for the bitter old man, but the money will certainly help. What these two people never expected was to find so much in common. Epie never knew her biological father, but she stumbles across some pictures in her mother’s stuff that has Epie wanting to know more. J. Norman is having dreams of a house and a family that does not resemble his upbringing. The determination of these two people to find the missing pieces of their lives brings them closer together and amends are made for the wrongs done to others along the way.

Delving into the pages of Dandelion Summer was like diving into the lake on a hot summer day—refreshing! Epie’s battles tear at the reader’s heart. J. Norman’s battles are no less heart-wrenching, but yet more familiar, at least for me. The journey these two take to find their families is humorous at the best of times and tearful at the worst. Family can be found in so many places. It does not always have to be the one you were born with and that is a lesson both of these individuals learn. Warning: I am a “daddy’s girl” and J. Norman’s letter to his daughter, Deborah, had me sobbing like a baby. You might need a few tissues to get through it.

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