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ISBN: 978-1-934657-22-5
September 2009
Sapphire Blue Publishing
260 Pages
Mystery Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Moving out of Dallas to Grandfalls is the first real healing step for Jillian Windham since the murder of her husband two years ago. The lure of a small, safe town away from the memories and nightmares of the past is drawing her in like a magnetic force.

The lovely caring people of Grandfalls have found Kern Lyon guilty of murdering his sister, even if there has never been a body or any way to prove it. He has become a pariah in his own town, and the constant condemnation has taken its toll.

Jill leaves Dallas with an air of expectation and anticipation, but her first night in her new home is unsettling to say the least. Break-ins, cranky neighbors, and a general feeling of discord have her jumping at every sound and shadow. She learns of her home’s sordid past, and gets thoroughly caught up in trying to find out who and why someone is targeting her and her home. The only suspect seems to be Kern, but Jill cannot shake her attraction to the sexy somber man; a fact that unsettles her more than she cares to admit, even to herself.

This story is so much a puzzle within a puzzle that you are questioning who did what until the very end. Jill becomes obsessed over an actual puzzle to the point where I feel like she is bordering on a breakdown. It is hard to picture this woman counseling families when she is so frazzled that common sense and self-preservation seem to have failed her; case in point is her “relationship” with Kern. I really want to know his side, and have the feeling that it would add incredible depth to the plot.

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