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ISBN- 9781615722303/9781615722310
November 7, 2010
Eternal Press, a division of Damnation Book, LLC.
$3.95/ Unavailable
58 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Lady Elizabeth Halston is the only child of Baron William Halston. She is a very willful young woman who is in danger from someone within Halston Castle.

Galen was orphaned at a young age and was educated in the monastery. He stumbles across a situation that will change his life’s path.

Galen finds Lady Elizabeth tied up and at the mercy of two ruffians. Overhearing the men’s dilemma, Galen saves Elizabeth and returns her to the Baron where Elizabeth has Galen promptly imprisoned. Recognizing his daughter’s pettiness, the Baron enlists Galen’s help in protecting his daughter from the nobleman who is out to cause her harm.

I was not overly fond of Elizabeth when I first met her. Her childish behavior was a bit off-putting. Then, I read on. Elizabeth plays a role contingent upon whoever she is with at the moment. I discovered her to be a delightful character with great strength and intelligence. The humor of the various dialogues had me chuckling with each turn of the page. This is quite a lovely read with elements to surprise the reader along the way.

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