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ISBN: 9781477805039, 9781477855034 (digital)
August 2013
Montlake Romance
Print / E-book
$12.95 / $9.99
358 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

A casual friendship with coworkers and neighbors is about as close as Anna Silver allows herself to get with anyone. Her ability to trust was shot with her father’s incarceration, followed by the most hellish senior year any young girl can imagine.

Twenty years in prison is behind him, yet in his mind Brent Carver will never be done serving a life sentence. Painting keeps the rage dialed down, while living on a solitary stretch of ground with the ocean in front and a forest behind is the only thing that really keeps him sane.

Once again Davis screws up Anna’s life; only this time it sends her hurtling right into the arms of an ex-con. Brent’s cold hard demeanor covers up a man Anna instinctively knows will sacrifice his life for hers, which makes her even madder at herself and her father. In his entire life Brent considers Davis Silver his only friend, so helping Davis’s daughter bring down the men who killed him is a no-brainer. He will just have to bury the terror of ending up behind bars again, as well as opening his heart to a woman he has no right to want.

Sling-shot border crossings while running for their lives is only the tip of the iceberg for Anna and Brent. Their harried pace runs them to near exhaustion, which breaks down all barriers and reveals the true nature of their characters. The harder they fight to stay alive, the more you understand just how deep their feelings for each other are. This story sets a blistering pace, one that you will not want to miss a minute of.

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