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Empress of Rome Novels

Book 1: Mistress of Rome
Book 2: Daughters of Rome
Book 3: Empress of Seven Hills
Book 4: Lady of the Eternal

ISBN# 9780425238974 / 9781101470619 / 9781101478950
April 5, 2011
Berkley Publishing Group
Paperback/E Book
$ 15.00/$ 9.99
400 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Cornelia Prima is married to a man everyone thinks will become emperor of Rome. She is steadfast in her support of him and serious about her responsibilities as possible first lady of the empire. Her one desire, however, above all else, is for a family life. Will the fates take a hand in her life and give her what she wants…while destroying all she holds dear?

Marcella watches the world around her, amused at her sister and her dreams of children. She is a historian, and as such, records the activities of emperors and senators. Will she take a more active role in the history unfolding around her? Could she become the most powerful woman in Rome?

Alongside the stories of Cornelia and Marcella, the reader is also gifted with the stories of their cousins, Diana and Lollia. Lollia is sold off by her grandfather to husband after husband. Will she find love in the arms of a man not nearly as powerful as her many husbands? And Diana, with her love of the races, seeks nothing more than the rush she finds with her horses. Will she ever fulfill her racing dreams?

This was a complex story that followed four characters through one of the most bloodthirsty times of Roman history. The Year of Four Emperors, AD 69, is brought to brilliant life as Quinn weaves the story of a family who is only somewhat fictional in creation, but passionate and realistic enough to capture even non-history buffs. With a soothsayer at the beginning of the plot that leaves readers guessing, Quinn has left nothing out and left this reader breathless in anticipation as to what was going to unfold next in this captivating tale of power, lust, love and devious plotting. A fun read that will have me searching the shelves for more of her work.

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