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Scimitar Magi Series
Book 1: Dawn of a Dark Knight
Book 2: Freedom for a Knight

Scimitar Magi series, Book 1
ISBN# 9781612177229/9781612177212
March 2013
The Wild Rose Press
E-Book Print
366 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ashor Vlahos is the Prime Magus. His power is rage. Unfortunately, he has lived for many years, so his kem-seki (darkness) is almost uncontrollable. He is close to turning and does not sleep anymore for fear of what he wakes up to. His only hope is finding his senariai (mate), to bring light into his soul again. When he finds Kira, he knows she is the one.

Doctor Kira Hardy has the ability to heal people with her touch. Because of her special gift, she has been on the run from Hashishins and the Scimitar Magi. The Hashishins will do horrible things to her while the magi want to keep her. At least that is what she has always believed. Even though she does not trust either group, she cannot forget Ashor, the handsome Magi she has saved a decade before.

The Scimitar Magi are the only thing that stand between evil and the human race. When Ashor dares to sleep, he goes on killing rampages against evil. He knows he is breaking the laws of the Magi by killing humans, but it is beyond his control. When he finds his mate, he is not surprised by the cruel irony that he can never be with her. He feels the gods are punishing him for his wrongs. When he calls on Kira to heal him, she is pulled into his world and into his arms. Even though she fights it, she feels like she is finally where she belongs.

The tension between Ashor and Kira is electric. There are many “almost” moments that suck readers right into the story and leave them eager for more. When they finally kiss, it leaves readers grinning with satisfaction. The erotic moments are even more than sizzling. These Magi are extremely tough and charming. Each one has an enormous personality to match their equally large brawny bodies. This reader would not mind meeting any one of these men. This story is sexy, fun and full of magic.

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