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House Phoenix series
  Book 1 - Broken Angel
  Book 2 - Devil's Honor

House Phoenix Book 2
ISBN#: 978-1-61650-135-8
May 2010
Lyrical Press
167 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Shiro is also known as Akuma or Devil. He is a trained assassin and street fighter for House Pandora. He is very honorable and bound to serve the head of the house no matter what.

Angel is also a street fighter and trying to start his own house, House Phoenix. He has some pretty serious enemies, including his own sister.

Shiro is given a deadly mission by the head of House Pandora. He has to find and kill a trained killer named Shonen. His friend Angel would like to help him as would Angel’s second, but honor requires that he do it alone or commit ritual suicide.

This book is very hard to follow at times. The plot is convoluted and the characters have multiple names. Jenner in particular seems to have multiple personalities and the author never explains why a trained killer who works for the owner of a gym is a psychiatrist also. The many Japanese phrases also force the reader to reference the extensive glossary provided by the author breaking up the reading flow. Aside from this, the characters are vivid and exotic, the plot is fast moving and full of action and the ending is very satisfying.

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