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Katzman Series
Book 1: The Katzman’s Mate
Book 2: Dream Mate
Book 3: Pride Mate

ISBN#: (13) 978-1-60601-579-7/(10) 1-60601-579-6
October 2009
Siren Publishing
120 Pages
EROTIC Romance Alternative (M/M or F/F) Futuristic
Rating: 5 cups

Trajan Varl is a Katzman warrior who has been sent to the planet of Elquone to find a doctor for his friend Chellak’s mate. He has no idea that in doing so he will find his own mate.

Saris Chattan was flunked out of the bruter program early on and instead dedicated himself to becoming a doctor that specializes in bruters.

When Trajan refuses a contract for Saris because his world does not allow slavery, and he himself is against slavery, Elquone’s high ruler changes Saris’ caste and sends him to be retrained as a pleasure slave. When Trajan cannot find Saris, he contacts Chellak to see if his mate, Demyan, might know where to find him. That night, Trajan dreams that he and Saris are together and Saris begs him for his help. It's at this point that Trajan knows he cannot wait too long to rescue Saris. When he finally finds him, he is able to get both Saris and another young man out of the place they are being kept prisoner and reprogrammed to be pleasure slaves. There’s only one problem, they are discovered. Will Trajan be able to get them all to safety, or will they die on the unknown planet their life pod has landed on?

Dream Mate is the sequel to Katzman’s Mate, and a truly to-die-for story! I loved Saris’s spunk and his determination to help other bruters. Trajan has your typical alpha male mentality, but he is definitely not your typical alpha male; his personality is more black and white, which I thought in this case was a good thing because that is what Saris needed. This is one story where both the main characters have very strong and well-defined personalities that clash from time to time but still complement each other. The sex is positively singe-worthy as well. When these two finally do come together, it is explosive. This is one book you do not want to miss!

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